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This page has been created as to how our process as a business works. This will give you some information to help you from enquiry to quoting  getting that job done and invoicing and payment. This will detail your responsibilities as a customer as well.

To give you  piece of mind when you hire My Canberra Handyman.

My Canberra Handyman is  fully insured for accidental damage and have public liability. All of my work is backup (see Terms and Conditions) ,  In the rare occasion in which we’ve made a mistake will ensure we fix it asap, free of charge! 


You can contact Brett via two primary methods for bookings and enquiries,

Fill out the contact form so Brett will have all your details when making booking. Brett will respond via email usually then call you about enquiry. Or you can call Brett, the phone number is located on the contact page.


There are several way in which you can hire Brett to carry out your particular jobs.  Some jobs can be done with do and charge and other jobs will need to be quoted, 


This pricing is based on the hourly rates ( see below),

The first hour is the minimum charge and then every hour after is billed in 15min increments for time carrying out any work including any travel. if you prefer an estimate, in most cases we can provide a general price estimate over the phone.

*Material costs are not included

*Parking not included and will be added to final invoice if parking cannot be provided 

Benefits:  You only pay for the time it takes to complete work. 


I am happy to work with whatever materials you supply as long as they are fit for the purpose of job. if there are additional materials needed for your job, there are a couple options:

Have Brett pick up the materials for you for an additional fee ( deposits may need to be arranged beforehand.

  • Brett can begin work on your project while you do the shopping for any additional materials you need to complete the job.



Brett will arrive on time or if running late will phone or message to let you know the estimated time of arrival. He will arrive with a variety of tools and materials to carry out work.



Hourly Rate only

First Hour                                          $90.00 (Minimum Charge)

Every after the first billed hour    $70.00 ( billed in 15min increments)



Payments are due after job is complete on the day unless other arrangements have been made. 

How payments can be made, You will be sent a final invoice after job is complete.

There are several payment methods

  1. PayPal (amounts less than $300, no fees) in the body of your email you will be given a  link to PayPal payment portal . You do not need a PayPal account and can pay on your own device with your credit card. Or you can pay with your PayPal account. If you do not have a working device payment can be made from our device.
  2. Bank Transfer (Amounts greater than $300) banking information will be located in email and on invoice PDF
  3. Cash: Cash is accepted



Are typically a fixed and agreed price contact between parties. They list the scope of the work that is to be carried out along with any materials that will be used in job. Or quotes can just contain a price for complete works including any labor and materials

Any variations i.e. works or materials not listed in quote will be talked about and agreed upon. Job variations will by typically added to final invoice or billed separately.  Free and clear access must given without hindrance or delay to carry out work.

You can contact Brett to arrange for quote.  

*Parking is included, but any returns visits once job is complete are not included.

Benefits: Is a fixed price contract, any variation will be discussed with customer


If parking cannot be provided then parking costs will be passed on to the customer regardless of quote or do and charge. The height of my vehicle is 2.1m high. 


As the customer, you have the following responsibilities:


Unless special arrangements are made in advance with regards to jobs and some quotes , you should be home during the scheduled appointment. Or you must give us free and clear access to the job or requested quote. This can be through a key left in a safe place or a responsible adult in attendance (if not yourself) this should be discussed beforehand. or items moved away from area so we can work or quote.

If access is not available the first hour fee may apply for scheduled jobs .


If parking cannot be provided then parking costs will be passed on to the customer regardless of quote or do and charge. The height of my vehicle is 2.1m high.


A method of payment is available when the job is completed cash or Card ( we use Quickboooks and Paypal for billing).


We must be informed if a third party will be paying for the completed works, This is any person or entity that will be paying for the final invoice or deposits. other than the customer that has organized the work to be done.  The third party’s contact details must be given including: Point of Contact, Third Party’s Name, Phone Number, Address, Email Address, ABN (if the third party has one).


You will need to provide your full information of current address, full name and contact details. Before any work can be carried out.  


As a policy with any customer who  does not reside at the address were work is being carried out.  You will need to provide your full information of current address, full name and contact details etc along with a way for us to validate this information  i.e current driver’s license or Current utility bill with these details.

 This information will be only used to verify you when providing services and following up payment, and you acknowledge and give consent for this use.  


Before any work can be carried out, you agree to these Terms and Coditions  when you make a booking with us.   If you have any questions, or if you have made a booking and do not agree to these terms, please contact us


We respect your right to privacy. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to other parties for marketing purposes without your express consent. We collect and use information only carry out our services to you. we make great efforts to keep your information secure all times.


Payment is expected at the completion of work unless other arrangements have been made.

Our work is backed up if you find a problem with the workmanship performed, simply contact Brett and he will return to address the problem ASAP.




Brett was professional and did an excellent job. There were a couple of quirky problems that he found innovative and successful solutions to. Will use again” Micheal 

Brett was professional and prompt, working to high standards ensuring customer requirements were met and exceeded. I would highly recommend and will definitely use his maintenance service again.” Janet 

I highly recommend My Canberra Handyman. Had fantastic experience having some jobs done around the house. The handyman was punctual, offered helpful advice and suggestions and then did a fantastic job.” Noel

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