My Canberra Handyman provides quality painting services to the local Canberra area, specialising in the smaller to medium type projects from feature walls up to a small three bedroom house.

Painting Services: 

  • Patch and paint repairs
  • Simple touch up’s on doors and walls*
    Professional painting for the Exterior and Interior
  • Deck staining and Painting
  • Concrete anti slip coatings
  • Tile painting
  • Painting and Epoxy coating to garage floors.

On every job we use high quality Paints, Brushes, Rollers & other equipment, to assist us in providing great results. All painting tasks are carried out with due diligence and care, from cleaning surfaces, to gap filling and sanding to applying the paint coats.

*Color matching and  Patch Painting for small areas:

I do my best to color match and patch paint however there are several factors that cannot be controlled. 

Color matching Patch Painting : Please note that for smaller areas like repairs, color matching paint  for these small areas is not always 100% accurate or you may see a difference in the colors new and old on the same surface when dried. This is due to a number of factors such as age of the paint, sun bleaching/  fading, dirt and grime.  To give best results the whole wall, ceiling  or painted surface section of area may need to be painted to give the best results and uniform color. New paint on old or sun bleached will be usually darker.


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